Recipes Coming Soon

Published on 16 January 2023 at 11:10

Hey y'all! I will be adding as many recipes as quickly as I can to the site. I am working on uploading family cookbooks, my personal recipes, and also tested and approved recipes from other sources. I am SO unbelievably excited to start this food blogging journey. I have so much to share with you guys and I am so proud of my family's special recipes from the South!

I would love to learn about your memories shared with your family and I would like you to exchange some family recipes with me as well! I'm incredibly eager to discover the experiences you've had in re-creating some of my recipes and to read your comments and suggestions. Let's get to the kitchen!

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Dannie Marcantel
a year ago

Congratulations on your new venture! I just finished reading the American Press article. I’ve eaten your grandmothers’ cooking and can attest to the fact that they were super cooks and evidently passed on their skills to their daughters and granddaughters. You were so blessed to have had them in your life. I know they would be proud of you. I’m anxiously waiting for this blog to be developed fully. Wishing you the best!

Sweet T
a year ago Thank you so much for the sweet message! I will have tot tell Mea what you siad, she loves to hear how good her cooking is! I truly have been blessed to have had them as role models and to learn some of their great recipes! I hope you enjoy what you find here and please let me know what you've tried and how they came out! Happy cooking!!